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Remote teamwork can feel like stumbling in the dark. We all want the time we invest in our work to lead to impact.Knowing something isn't working, doesn't translate into knowing what to do about it. Want to figure out what's not working so you can make changes?

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✅ Get your free starter kit to rewire remote work.

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Why do I care?
Because I've been there!

👋 My name is Alix Dunn. And when I founded a global, remote organisation 10 years ago, I often felt lost. I struggled to keep track of who was doing what, who needed help, and who felt comfortable and connected in their day-to-day working relationships.

(😫 working full days on a terrible idea!)

(🤫 working full days on a couch is a terrible idea!)

When I could feel when something wasn't working, it was never obvious what to do about it. It was hard to build shared systems of collaboration, stitch together technology, and finding a flow across time zones and work styles. Now I help teams design the systems, habits, and shared agreements that drive results and healthy workplaces.

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